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  • Breathe freely with our treatments on sinus infections.

    Breathe freely with our treatments on sinus infections.

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ENT Specialist in San Antonio, TX

At San Antonio Sinus, the office of ENT specialist Kevin B. Browne, M.D., you will receive comprehensive sinus and ENT care with a great patient experience. Dr. Browne uses all of the most innovative techniques, and his goal is to attend to all of your ear, nose and throat needs, from medical treatment to surgical therapy. He is also proud to offer Point of Care In Office CT Scanning, for which he is ICA Accredited.

Come to San Antonio Sinus for sinus infection relief!

Office Philosophy
San Antonio Sinus focuses exclusively on diseases of the respiratory tract. This includes a strong focus on sinusitis, both acute and chronic. Various types of rhinitis and allergies are treated medically. Dr. Browne, our ENT doctor, does not perform allergy testing or immunotherapy but collaborates with all of the allergists in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas for those services. All ages are welcome to visit for evaluations and treatment for sinus pressure and sinus infections.
Patients First
Proper personalized treatment planning is mapped out by reviewing all pertinent prior medical treatments and studies.

Dr. Browne always strives to provide the most effective and efficient treatment plans for sinus patients of all ages. If medical treatment has been ineffective, Dr. Browne’s surgical options utilize the most current technology, including minimally invasive approaches like sinus balloons that avoid uncomfortable nasal packing.
A Sole Medical Practitioner
Dr. Browne is the sole medical practitioner at SA Sinus. As a patient of SA Sinus, you will never see a nurse, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. The direct medical attention that you need is provided solely by our ENT doctor with his 20+ years of experience as San Antonio’s premiere Otolaryngologist. If you're suffering from a sinus headache or sinus pressure, turn to Dr. Browne today.

Our Location
Methodist Plaza Building
4499 Medical Dr., Suite 330
San Antonio, TX 78229

Phone: (210) 615-8177
Fax: (210) 615-8884
Office Hours
Mon - Thu
Sat - Sun
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Sinus Treatment Questions/Comments

Have a question about a specific procedure or symptom? Would you like to leave feedback from your last visit with our ENT doctor? Then great! We would love to hear from you. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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