Congestion?  Sinus Pressure?  Persistent Headache?

Familiar sounding symptoms? How about these?

  • Facial Pain or Swelling
  • Thick Nasal Discharge
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Bad Breath
  • Reduced Sense of Smell
  • Reduced Sense of Taste
  • Nighttime Coughing
  • Daily Fatigue
  • Lack of Energy

You may be fighting Chronic Sinusitis!

Suffering from Chronic Sinusitis? Discover quick, effective treatment.

It's more prevalent than heart disease and asthma, and impacts quality of life more than chronic back pain or congestive heart failure. [3]  Every year in the US, about 37 million people suffer with sinusitis. [1,2]

When your sinus passages swell, they block normal airflow and drainage, turning your sinuses into a stagnant breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.  Sometimes, you can relieve your symptoms with home remedies and over the counter medications.  Sometimes, you have to visit the doctor for antibiotics.  But if these treatments don’t work, or don’t last, what do you do then?  You’re already frustrated from missing work or school, sick of the pain, and tired of the treatments that don’t work!

What if there was a quick, convenient and effective sinus treatment?

San Antonio Sinus has brought balloon sinus dilation from the operating room into the office under the guidance of Dr. Kevin Browne.  We have the newest diagnostic and treatment equipment available, and can offer eligible patients a minimally-invasive procedure to clear sinus blockage with quick recovery time and little discomfort.  You could be free of your sinus pain in about 1 hour. [4]

Is Your Sinus Pain Making You Miserable?

Do you have a cold that keeps coming back?  Do medications and antibiotics fail to resolve your sinus pressure and drainage?  Your symptoms might be due to something more than a cold. You could be suffering with chronic sinusitis.

How do I find out if Balloon Sinus Dilation is right for me?

Start with a visit to Dr. Kevin Browne.  Dr. Browne with see you personally and conduct a thorough examination in addition to taking a complete history of your sinus problem and previous treatment.

San Antonio Sinus has all the skill and technology to evaluate your sinus symptoms, diagnose the cause, and determine the best treatment for you.  Your relief is only a phone call away!

A Visit with Dr. Browne guarantees a personalized experience.

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